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Podcastle’s Hosting Hub gives you an easy way to host and publish your show across major podcast networks. Get an RSS feed and dedicated show page with Podcastle.
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Publish everywhere with a single link

Wondering how to get your show onto Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts and other networks? With our Hosting Hub, it’s super easy. Create your show and then submit to your preferred podcasting platforms in a few clicks.

Create. Edit. Publish. From A to Z

Podcastle streamlines your content creation workflow. No transferring files, no juggling tools and no interruptions. Record or upload your episode, give it a quick polish, get your RSS feed and share it with the world.

Get a dedicated page

Not only can you distribute your content through the major networks, you also get a dedicated page for your show on Podcastle’s website! You can share the link with anyone and also embed a media player in your own website.

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Host and Publish

How to Host and Publish Your Podcast

Get your podcast live in three simple steps:
Create a Show
In Podcastle, under ‘My Shows’, click ‘Create a show’ and fill out details like name and description while adding artwork and branding.
Publish Your Content
Record your content and publish it to the associated show by hitting ‘publish’ in the editor. Then add episode-specific details like titles and descriptions.
Share it with the World
Share the link to your show page directly with your audience to watch and download and wait for it to appear on your chosen podcasting networks.

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