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Create podcasts, voiceovers and other audio content using over 35 lifelike AI voices.
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AI Voice skins

Pick the right voice for your content

We offer a range of AI voices including different genders, nationalities, ages and emotions. Bring your content to life with the perfect vocals.
  • Our voice skins sound as human-like and natural as possible, using AI technology to replicate real voices.
  • Different voices have different tones to match the mood of your content. High-energy for fun stuff and monotone for more serious.
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Save hours by generating audio content with AI

Creating content with AI is fast and easy. Once you have the script for your audio, it’s simply a case of copy and pasting it into our tool, selecting the AI skin and clicking ‘generate’.
  • Using AI you can test out multiple different voices without additional expense. Ensuring you find the best fit.
  • If you need edits or a complete overhaul, you don’t have to go through the hassle and expense of re-recording.
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Easy audio editing

Edit your audio by changing the text

If you need to make changes to your content, there’s no need to record it all over again, you can simply update the text to automatically replace the audio.
  • Pick out individual words or sentences and change them without affecting the flow of the overall speech.
  • You can also convert audio to text and back to audio by using our transcription tool. Repurpose old content in a new voice!
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