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Simple & Seamless Video Editing

Podcastle's easy-to-use Video Editor enables you to personalize your video and quickly produce multiple pieces of content from a single recording.
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Record & Edit In One Studio 

Save time and effort by going straight from recording to editing videos in your browser. Resize, split and polish your content to perfection before exporting in 4K video quality in a range of formats.

Showcase Your Brand

Put your own stamp on your videos by adding your show’s logo, custom backgrounds to make your brand pop and lower thirds to highlight video participants. Whether you're creating marketing videos for your business or YouTubing as a hobby, it’s easy with Podcastle’s video editor.

Instant Highlights

Podcastle allows you to mark highlights while you're recording, so creating multiple short clips for social media only takes a couple of clicks during the video editing process! Tailor clips to your social channels, add subtitles, and promote your videos to build your audience.

Ready To Edit?


One recording.
Endless content.

With Podcastle it’s radically simple to repurpose your content. In a matter of clicks you can resize videos for different social channels, add branding and captions and distribute your videos everywhere.
Video Podcasts
Social Media Clips
Subtitle Videos
Branded Content
YouTube Videos

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